Together, let’s ensure antibiotics continue to save millions of lives.

01 | Approach

A new paradigm for infectious disease

Genomics allows us to identify mutations at the same time as detecting a pathogen.
Cutting-edge bioinformatics determines whether a specific infection is susceptible or resistant to different antibiotics.
Your healthcare provider crafts precision treatment, targeting the best antibiotic to treat the infection, faster, cheaper and safer.

Shield Dx tests for comprehensive antimicrobial resistance so clinicians can treat infections with the most effective antibiotics. By using the antibiotics we already have more effectively, we can dramatically slow the spread of antibiotic resistance.

02 | Platform

A portfolio of services

Shield Dx offers a wide range of screening tests for common STIs with the highest sensitivity and specificity in the industry.

Our full service laboratory can provide everything from routine testing to our advanced tests for antibiotic resistance.

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testing services.

03 | Contact

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